Cristiano Tomei


Histrionic, an entertainer, always with a joke ready or a bandana on his forehead, Cristiano Tomei (Viareggio, 3 September 1974) is an unconventional chef, starting from his training. In 2002 he opened the first version of “L’Imbuto” and then moved the restaurant to Lucca, at Palazzo Boccella, integrating it into the Lu.C.C.A. contemporary art museum. In 2014 he was awarded a Michelin star and in 2019 the restaurant moved to the premises of the historic Palazzo Pfanner, also in the centre of Lucca. He loves to present his dishes personally to the guests of the Imbuto: tastes, textures, combinations, glasses and conversation become one. The face of Cristiano Tomei is known to the general public thanks to his frequent appearances as a guest on various television programmes – from “La prova del cuoco” to “MasterChef Magazine” – or as a judge in culinary talent shows such as “I re della griglia” and “Cuochi d’Italia”.

The Chef & Circuit

Chef Cristiano Tomei fell in love at first sight with the fabrics and shapes of Circuito: the soft lines and trendy cuts are perfectly in tune with his being a not-so-fussy chef as well as always fashionable.

His jacket

Cristiano Tomei wears the “Stone Wash” jacket

Giuseppe Di Iorio


Executive Chef of “Aroma” Since 2010, with a Michelin star in 2014, Giuseppe Di Iorio has been a respected professional and a true hard worker.

“Everything has been told about the gastronomic world, so today the raw material has to be up to scratch. In this way, half the work is done. Then, the wisdom of the person handling it is essential, as are knowledge, skill, practice, creativity and taste. Aroma is a kitchen in my image and likeness. Coming here is a bit like being invited home, you find what I like, they are my tastes, my desire to experiment, my way of interpreting food and eating. This is a romantic place, for a great occasion. Coming here is an all-round experience. We take on the client with great motivation and do our best to give him something unique, memorable and indelible. Here with us, the dining room and the kitchen must go hand in hand, so that everything is perfect.”

The Chef & Circuit

For me, Circuito means innovation and enthusiasm, we found each other immediately. The jackets embody elegance, research and functionality at work. I couldn’t go back.

 His jacket

Giuseppe di Iorio wears the “Raso” jacket

Gianfranco Pascucci

Pascucci al Porticciolo

Gianfranco Pascucci, born in 1970, is one of the greatest interpreters of Italian seafood cuisine. In 2000, together with his wife Vanessa Melis, he decided to open a restaurant and took over the place that had been run by his grandfather in the 1950s, so with Gianfranco in the kitchen and Vanessa in the dining room, Pascucci Al Porticciolo was born, and it became the top restaurant on the Roman coast, appreciated both by the ever-growing public and by the most important guides in the sector. In 2012 he was awarded a Michelin star and in 2016 the Gambero Rosso Three Forks. In 2017 the Espresso guide Ristoranti d’Italia awarded him the prize for the best seafood cuisine and in 2018 the three hats. For about 10 years Gianfranco Pascucci was one of the leading faces of the television programme La Prova del Cuoco, broadcast on Rai 1 and since 2017 he has been the protagonist and author of the television programme “Com’è Profondo Il Mare”, broadcast on the Gambero Rosso Channel.
Also in 2017, a book was published by Gambero Rosso, also titled “Com’è Profondo Il Mare” (How Deep the Sea Is), which recounts the chef’s cuisine in a very original way; an elegant and contemporary cuisine, which draws on influences gathered from around the world, but whose main feature remains the sea and the surrounding territory, towards which Gianfranco has always had a strong sensitivity and of which he is now a deep connoisseur.

The Chef & Circuito

“The restaurant is a union of intentions and people and this also reflects the reality of Circuito, which is made up of “artisans” and people who carry on an Italian brand. A tailor-made suit for the Chef, tailor-made with a proposal of high quality products and this reflects Italian art and craftsmanship. Moving and motivating a set of intentions and economies of the territory is fundamental for me”.

His jacket

Gianfranco Pascucci wears the “Stone Wash” jacket