bio chef


The jacket was designed by the Stylist with the technical advice of a multi-starred Chef, two worlds that came together to ensure that in addition to being environmentally sustainable, the jacket is functional, practical every detail in its design was thought out, researched and tested.


The first 100% Eco-Sustainable Collection for the Chef, which highlights his role to the fullest, reaffirming his lifestyle and style choices, under the banner of all that is healthy and natural, from his dishes to what he wears.

The careful research of food, the attention to the raw material and its provenance, are compulsorily reflected in the ethical and social choice of the Chef; it is with this awareness that stylist Laura Bottomei designs and creates the BIO CHEF 100% Eco-Sustainable Collection.

The inspiration comes from the bud and the leaf, soft lines that take us back to the natural cycle, told through the tradition of Italian manufacturing with fine tailoring details.

All of this blends perfectly with the technical part of the institutional jacket, designed after careful studies on the functionality related to the movement of operation at work and with the technical advice of a multi-starred chef. Every detail in its realization has been thought out, studied and tested.

The Collection comes to life with full respect for nature; the jacket and apron are cared for to the smallest detail and are stored in the pochette, so as not to contaminate them and keep their value intact.