Laura wanted to study design, but for personal reasons he had to put his dreams aside and work in family shops in the clothing and footwear sector. Her innate creativity has never abandoned her and with her strong character she has never stopped believing in everything she wanted to be and do “a self-taught race”.

“Fabrizio” a promising footballer who had to give up his sporting career because of his destiny, thanks to his great ability in relationships he started advertising in a pharmaceutical company and then in the food sector. With a strong and enterprising character, a veritable explosion of ideas “a crazy horse”.

He is an energetic man with a strong inventiveness and a great dreamer, he is a creative, enterprising and concrete woman who opens another page of their life.

Their adventure begins in the territory of the Castelli Romani, they know each other and decide to completely turn their lives upside down and in a small space Laura starts planning and making the first sketches on commission while Fabrizio starts his market researches.

In a short time they opened a service shop dedicated to the Horeca sector that soon became a company, here the first projects, the first ideas, the study of the reference market, in a sector that had much to offer and still be discovered.

Their entrepreneurial minds and their intuitions lead them to always follow new goals, so they decide to undertake a new path and realize that dream that has matured for some time.

“Circuito da Lavoro” is born!

The enthusiasm of both to always look beyond was the winning weapon of these two Italian entrepreneurs.

In 2015 the first collection, in 2017 the second, the brand obtains the “100% Made in Italy” certification, in accordance with the requirements of the IT01-100% Italian Origin Quality System.

“Circuito da Lavoro” is today the protagonist of a market in constant motion with unique and quality products, a fundamental characteristic in a very dynamic environment, in which it is important to be able to grasp the changes, translating them into concreteness and reliability.

The continuous research of fabrics, the attention to details, garments capable of bringing innovation, of dressing giving a precise identity to the worker, respecting the highest standards in terms of wearability and elegance.

The style and versatility of the Circuito da Lavoro clothes have made the brand highly appreciated not only in the hospitality sector, but also in the entertainment world, there are numerous collaborations developed with cinema, television and radio.

With Laura and Fabrizio a new path to be taken in professional clothing, “THE FASHION FOOD” and the magic of a brand that dresses with taste!