The first designer who chooses to dedicate herself to the professional clothing sector woman, mother, manager and true Italian loves food and fashion Made in Italy.

Eclectic, revolutionary, decisive, it grows in the workplace in the fashion industry, and then decides to spend itself for more than fifteen years to professional clothing to bring innovation and growth within a sector where in its opinion it could express itself and achieve great things.

Laura Bottomei fully summarizes the characteristics of those who do their work with passion, creating new goals and challenges to make something new every time.

Laura Bottomei Made in Italy 100%


Today the kitchen and my pencil travel the same road without limits, I like to take to the streets to compare and document myself to make the inspiration rise and make it explode in a union made of experience and research to put together the right ingredients for the realization of something which is perfectly balanced and consistent. “I look for the emotion to give it”.

My choice to dedicate myself to professional clothing was to follow the Evolution in the kitchen and give with the utmost respect an added value to all the Chefs who are ambassadors of Italian cuisine in the world.

Bringing Made in Italy to the table is an honor for me, “Circuito da Lavoro” is a certified brand with IT 01 system requirements – 100% Italian origin quality.

When I dedicate myself to a new collection, I like to talk about work in reality, trying to understand what is really needed, what could be more functional and express it with beauty and simplicity, creating products each with its own identity, history, distinct character and style.

Catering and hospitality are no anymore commonplaces but the place where originality and practicality are combined with dedicated lines, giving value to the male and female figure, which is why I keep in mind that whoever wears it should feel at relieve and like each other.

Laura Bottomei and Fashion Food “my key to reading”

Fashion Food is not just a trend but a real way of being where the need for one’s uniqueness and the desire to stand out for what one is and where one believes becomes an absolute priority.

Fashion and food come together to find a new expression, in creations capable of projecting professional clothing in a new world.

“New collection”

The essence of my creative inspiration for this new collection is being in step with the new kitchen, that of experimentation, attention to detail, to genuine and uncontaminated ingredients.

The choice of high-end fabrics, the search for accessories, the attention to detail, overturn the traditional concept of “uniform”, transforming it into a sophisticated, functional and glamorous dress.

The uniform takes shape, turning into something new, where tradition blends with innovation, with a reading key never explored before!