Laura Bottomei

“I decided to devote myself to professional clothing to bring innovation, creativity and development within a sector in which I felt I could achieve great things”.


Laura Bottomei is an Italian lover of food and her native land. She chooses and carries out her work with passion, always with the goal of creating something new every time.

Curious, entrepreneurial and pragmatic, her Collections are conceived and made on the field, by discussing, reading up, finding inspiration from day-to-day work, with functional solutions expressed with beauty and simplicity, creating products with their own identity, history, character and unique style.

The designer researches simple and uncontaminated raw materials, to create unique garments with a recognizable style, confirming her taste with typical Made in Italy accessories and details. Inspiration explodes in a combination of experience and research, the only ingredients necessary to make something perfectly balanced and coherent. 

The uniform takes its shape, tradition blends with innovation with a reading key never explored before.